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Smart Series

RLH Industries has long provided solutions for improving industrial network reliability. The company’s latest release of its Smart Series line of Ethernet I/O products adds DNPv3 TCP Protocol support. This innovative platform provides the highest-level performance at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods.

How Smart Series Ethernet IO Works

The Smart Series product family is Rugged Ethernet I/O that’s packed with a variety of integration options including: SNMPv3, DNPv3 TCP, Modbus TCP, Email Alerting. This functionality allows for standalone operation or integration into network management or distributed control systems. These units can also be paired with one another to allow for point to point IO extension over Ethernet networks. They feature a convenient built in web interface for management and control and are designed and built to operate in harsh environments.

Among the models offered there are multiple powering and IO arrangements. The devices can be powered directly from substation 125V DC battery, 802.11af Power over Ethernet, or 24-48V DC. Sinking or Sourcing inputs are available which allow the device to act as the middleman providing the communication interface into a control system from the desired physical alarm end points. The outputs provided are either Normally Open or Normally Closed high capacity relays which can be remotely monitored and controlled.

The Smart Series brings intelligence to legacy devices by allowing control systems to actively monitor and control using the latest communication protocols.

Made in USA

Our Smart Series products are built at our production facility in Orange County, California, and come with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Made in USA

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