Electricity Poles Large
Electricity Poles Large

Networking Applications

RLH Industries, Inc. is committed to developing fiber optic communications products to meet the needs of a multiple of different industry disciplines.

Besides manufacturing and distributing the RLH Fiber Optic Link high voltage protection product line, whether it’s voice, data, LAN or WAN, some of the largest corporations in the world have come to rely on the RLH Fiber Optic Link to keep their most critical communications working reliably.

The largest sporting event in the United States is NASCAR racing, and the host sponsor Nextel Communications (a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel Corporation) now relies on RLH Fiber Optics in three race track locations (The Auto Club Speedway , The Las Vegas Speedway and The Phoenix Speedway) to ensure that their PCS services function flawlessly and reliably during these high profile races.

Other prominent firms such as the MGM Corporation Hotel and Casino chain relies on the RLH Fiber Optic Link to keep their phone and data circuits on when it counts. Both the MGM Grand and The Bellagio Hotel and Casinos in Las Vegas Nevada have our equipment installed. So when your voice or data networks require unparalleled performance, when Critical Communications, LAN or WAN services are key to your business, RLH has the fiber optic solution for your industry.

Common Uses

  • Applications from 2 Wire Analog Phone to High Speed Digital Circuits
  • Any Location Where Critical (Must not Fail) Communications are the Priority
  • Locations Served by Copper Telco Facilities where a GPR of 1000 Volts or more are present
  • Wireless Facilities (PCS Equipment) Located on or Around High Voltage Utility Transmission Towers
  • Wireless Facilities Located on Mono Poles to Protect Against Lightning
  • Any Telco Facilities Located in High Voltage Environments
  • Wireless Metering Services with Entering Data Lines
  • Solar Generating Facilities with Entering Data/Voice Lines
  • Point-to-Point (building to building) Fiber Communications Applications
Auto Club Speedway
Auto Club Speedway
Bellagio Hotel
Bellagio Hotel
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