SCADA Applications

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used in industrial and civil engineering applications to control distributed systems from a master location. SCADA is a very broad umbrella that describes solutions across a variety of industries which include:

  • Electrical power distribution grids and generation plants
  • Water management systems
  • Oil and Gas management systems
  • Environmental control systems
  • Mass transit systems
  • Manufacturing systems
  • Traffic signaling systems

Industrial network components must be capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperature ranges as well as lightning strikes, Ground Potential Rise (GPR) events and power surges.

RLH industrial hardened analog and digital copper to fiber voice/data equipment provides isolation from environmental and outside disturbances in environments ranging from –40°C – +70°C.

RLH manufactures fiber optic links for all types of Telco services. Contact us today for a solution that fits your needs.

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