RLH Founder, Robert Harris
RLH Founder, Robert Harris

RLH Industries, Inc. is a world leader in fiber optic link products and engineering services for the telecommunications industry. With engineering and manufacturing in Orange, California, USA, and distribution across North America and internationally, RLH Industries has been designing, engineering and manufacturing fiber optic solutions since 1988. RLH is recognized as an innovator in the fiber optics industry, and has pioneered solutions for High Voltage Isolation, PCS and Critical Communications applications to name a few.

RLH stands for Refractive Light Hybrid, which is the underlying technology used in our equipment that provides absolute noise immunity and high voltage isolation via fiber optic technology to the wireless, telco and utility communities.

Most of our Fiber Optic Link cards are substationed hardened and manufactured in the USA, where our manufacturing quality control is second to none. And in these uncertain times of rampant outsourcing to foreign-owned manufacturing facilities, we are proud to have our engineering and manufacturing here in the USA where we can maintain the highest standards and strict confidentiality with our customers.


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