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Special Considerations

With increased reliance on data gathering throughout the industry, There is a renewed emphasis on extending the reach of sensors, alarms, and communications throughout the network. The extension of sensors, alarms, I/O, and fiber is forever changing within the industry.

To meet these demands we have developed a diverse line of products that can be used throughout the facility. All of our equipment is geared towards the industrial environment, to ensure that it will withstand the everyday stress of non-conditioned environments.

Industry Standards

  • IEEE 1590-2003
  • IEEE 487-2000 (Annex F)
  • FCC-Part-15
  • Motorola Standard 59
Contact Closure Application Example
Contact Closure Application Example

Analog & Digital Data Over Fiber

We offer a fiber optic extension of digital and analog signals throughout the plant. We’re able to transport control signals up to 29 miles over two strands of fiber. Other than moving the signal from A to B you’re also isolating the signal from any electronic interference by using fiber as your transport medium. Our control system extensions are easy to use, and they are backed by an exceptional lifetime warranty and offered with free Tech Support.

4~20mA Application Example
4~20mA Application Example

Control Cabinets & More

We offer a range of products that can be utilized within control cabinets throughout the plan. We offer custom fabrication of control cabinets as well as rugged Ethernet switches (Link to product line), Power Supply’s (linked to product), and UPS protection systems (Linked to product).

Control Cabinet Example
Control Cabinet Example

Fiber Optics From the Start

Since 1988 RLH Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing and providing fiber optic equipment to accommodate the growing industry. Our engineering philosophy has been to concentrate on providing the best technology for the application because of superior performance and reliability, not simply because it seems like another way to expand our product line.

Our experience in fiber optic communications goes back to 1988 and we have been dedicated to bringing our fiber optic link products in line with the needs of the emerging water industry.

Hardened at Our Core

Water treatment Industrial network components must be capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperature ranges, and RLH industrial hardened analog and digital copper to fiber voice/data equipment provides isolation from environmental and outside disturbances in environments ranging from –40°C – +70°C. Add to this our vigorous standards compliance, and you have a perfect fit for the particular requirements of the water treatment and water industries.

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