Transport POTS, 4W DATA, RS-232, T1, & Gigabit Ethernet Over Fiber​

iMux Multiplexer System
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iMux Modular Multiplexer System

Short descriptionPart numberPrice
iMux Gigabit Multiplexer System, Redundant 48VDC Powering, 4 Service Module Capacity, 1RURLH-IMUX-V-S1$2,450.00
iMux Gigabit Multiplexer System, AC & 48VDC Powering, 4 Service Module Capacity, 1RURLH-IMUX-A-S1$2,450.00

iMux Modular Multiplexer System Service Modules

Short descriptionPart numberPrice
iMux 4 Channel T1 Service ModuleRLH-MM-T1$650.00
iMux 4 Channel RS-232 Service ModuleRLH-MM-D1$600.00
iMux 4 Channel POTS FXO Service ModuleRLH-MM-AO$625.00
iMux 4 Channel POTS FXS Service ModuleRLH-MM-AS$625.00
iMux 4 Channel 4 Wire Analog Data Service ModuleRLH-MM-D2$650.00

1.25Gbit SFP Transceiver

Short descriptionModeConnectorDistanceFibersWavelengthPart numberPricehf:att:pa_distancehf:att:pa_fibers
Multimode, LC, 550m/1804 feet, Dual Fiber, 850nmMultimodeLC550m/1804 feetDual Fiber850nmSFP-1G-03-2$60.00
Multimode, LC, 2km/1.2 miles, Dual Fiber, 1310nmMultimodeLC2km/1.2 milesDual Fiber1310nmSFP-1G-04-2$60.00
Singlemode, LC, 20km/12.4 miles, Dual Fiber, 1310nmSinglemodeLC20km/12.4 milesDual Fiber1310nmSFP-1G-30-2$90.00
Singlemode, LC, 60km/37 miles, Dual Fiber, 1550nmSinglemodeLC60km/37 milesDual Fiber1550nmSFP-1G-31-2$130.00
Singlemode, LC, 120km/74 miles, Dual Fiber, 1550nm, with Digital Diagnostic MonitoringSinglemodeLC120km/74 milesDual Fiber1550nmSFPD-1G-34-2$320.00
Singlemode, LC, 20km/12.4 miles, Single Fiber – Side A, Tx1310/Rx1550SinglemodeLC20km/12.4 milesSingle Fiber - Side AT-1310/R-1550SFP-1G-20-2$100.00
Singlemode, LC, 20km/12.4 miles, Single Fiber – Side B, Rx1310/Tx1550SinglemodeLC20km/12.4 milesSingle Fiber - Side BR-1310/T-1550SFP-1G-21-2$100.00
Singlemode, LC, 60km/37 miles, Single Fiber – Side A, Tx1310/Rx1550, with Digital Diagnostic MonitoringSinglemodeLC60km/37 milesSingle Fiber - Side AT-1310/R-1550SFPD-1G-24-2$140.00
Singlemode, LC, 60km/37 miles, Single Fiber – Side B, Rx1310/Tx1550, with Digital Diagnostic MonitoringSinglemodeLC60km/37 milesSingle Fiber - Side BR-1310/T-1550SFPD-1G-25-2$140.00
RJ-45, Cat5/6/7, Gigabit Ethernet, 100m/328 feetCat5/6/7RJ-45100m/328 feetN/AN/ASFP-1G-RJ-2$90.00
  • Single fiber (bi-directional) SFP transceivers must always be paired, side A and side B

Please contact us if your project requires customized iMux equipment.

iMux Modular Multiplexer System Ordering Matrix

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