RLH Product Launch

RLH is pleased to announce a new and improved “4 Channel 4~20mA Fiber Optic Media Converter”. It transmits four 4~20mA control signals over fiber cable.

Our new converter offers some major enhancements such as:

  • Signal accuracy better than 99.9%
  • Hi-Speed signal sampling: 78,000 Samples per second
  • Signal resolution: 16 Bits
  • Robust input protection to increase reliability
  • Redundant power inputs

Compatible with PLC’s, sensors (2, 3, or 4 wire), and other equipment which use analog voltage and current signals to output their status. Avoid adding controllers and other programmable equipment in the field just to extend a few points of data. With these plug and play converters you can reliably and accurately transmit field signaling to a consolidated location and reduce the overall system complexity.

If any assistance is needed in selecting a solution, please contact us.

4 Channel 4~20mA / 0~10VDC