Announcing the New RLH DC/DC Converter

RLH Product Launch

DC/DC Converter

We are pleased to announce our newest RLH DC/DC Converter. This compact power supply is designed to convert a DC Input voltage to a regulated and isolated DC output voltage. Able to power a wide range of industrial equipment, this power supply offers a wide variety of conversion options to accommodate standard voltages found in substations, Telco, & automation and control environments.

In addition to its extreme operating temperature rating, this rugged power supply features a tough aluminum alloy frame with powder-coated galvanized steel housing for superior corrosion resistance. The DIN clip allows for easy mounting anywhere a DIN rail can be placed.

Each model supports a wide input voltage range and allows for adjusting the output voltage to +/-10 % of the rated output voltage. The converter has a bi-color LED indicator and a relay output to indicate power status and alarm conditions.

Key Features

  • Models available with 24V, 48V & 130V inputs and 12V, 24, & 48V outputs
  • Supports 100 Watt load over entire operating temperature range
  • High DC input available for converting large battery array power to usable range for network devices
Power Supplies - DC/DC Converter Family
DC/DC Converter Family
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