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RLH Sales

Working hard to keep costs down during these inflationary times

As we are fond of saying, customer focus is a priority here at RLH, and one way we strive to help our customers is by working with our material suppliers and vendors to mitigate costs without sacrificing quality.

We are constantly monitoring and evaluating the cost of goods and services related to the manufacturing of our products, both in-house and with our partner vendors and suppliers. By staying on top of market trends, using predictive analysis, and making targeted bulk purchases, we are managing to keep cost increases at a minimum to help improve our customers’ bottom line.

Transportation costs due to fuel increases have affected everyone lately, so we’re multi-sourcing to become more flexible with our manufacturing and moving some processes closer to our factory to keep transportation costs down without sacrificing quality or impacting delivery times. Thinking beyond our usual processes and manufacturing methods to fiercely battle price increases is a big part of how RLH Industries is working to help our customers.

Be sure to check our web site for the latest product information and pricing details. In addition to our online resources, we also have knowledgeable sales associates and engineers right here at our manufacturing facility in California to help at any time. Whether it’s special builds or custom configurations, volume purchasing, product support, or simple pre-purchase questions, we’re here to help.

Gigabit Ethernet SFP
Gigabit Ethernet SFP

New Ethernet card has independent alarms to monitor both fiber and copper link status

RLH fiber optic links are industry-proven, copper-to-fiber transport systems engineered to provide reliable network performance in harsh environments.

The new Gigabit Ethernet SFP Card with Alarm Relays transports Ethernet over fiber. It is unique because it features two independent alarm relays tied to the fiber or copper link states. These alarms allow for remote monitoring of your critical fiber and copper circuits.

This card also features an SFP port that can accommodate either Fast Ethernet or Gigabit SFP Transceivers. Fiber link cards may be used with any of our card housings, providing several different mounting and powering options.

We put together a short video showing the operation of the alarm relay feature.

Industrial Ethernet Switches - 4+8+16 Ethernet Fiber Switch - Front
4+8+16 Ethernet Fiber Switch

Industrial Managed Switch with 4 Gigabit SFP Ports, 8 Fast Ethernet Ports, and 16 100Base-FX Fiber Optic Ports

This industrial, managed Ethernet switch features a high fiber port count which makes it a great switch for aggregating remote locations to one central location.

It operates at Layer 2 and offers a web-based management interface as well as support for IEEE802.1Q VLANs, broadcast storm control, RSTP, QOS, along with many other features.

The slim design occupies only 1RU of rack space, or it may be placed on a desktop or shelf. Fiber and SFP ports allow for fiber optic network extension over long distances with the added benefit of electrical isolation between locations.

This industrial switch operates over a wide temperature range and has a fan-less design. The robust feature set and construction are ideal for a wide variety of applications including utility and automation environments.

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