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Web Site Innovations Lead to Improved Experience

With our ongoing efforts to develop and refine the RLH Industries website, there are many new features that provide customers with the most informative and streamlined experience yet.

At the beginning of 2023 we touted the rollout of our online made-to-order fiber cable configurators that allow you to configure and order custom fiber cable assemblies.

Since then almost everything in our entire product catalog can now be priced and purchased directly online. We’ve worked hard to include modern e-commerce features such as shipping and lead time information, together with various secure payment options, including the ability to use purchase orders and request quotes.

In addition to a wide array of technical drawings and specification sheets, we’ve added new product demonstration videos and technical guides for our popular products to help guide and inform.

Our direct sales model also makes it simple to price out the gear you need, assemble a materials list, and create a budget before making a purchase. Of course, if you need assistance or have product or technical questions, our in-house account managers and engineers are still just a phone call away.

Our goal is to make your web experience as friendly as possible!

Contact one of our experts for more information.

Power Supplies - Integrated 75W AC/DC UPS with Battery Backup
UPS with Battery Backup

Integrated 75W AC/DC UPS with Battery Backup

The RLH 75W AC/DC 24V power supply with integrated battery charger offers a complete power system designed for industrial 24VDC UPS applications. This DIN Rail mountable system includes a compact switching power supply with built-in UPS charge controller is available as a standalone module, or with a choice of 2 DIN mount battery pack options.

It is ideal for providing regulated 24V power for industrial equipment, while providing battery backup power in the event of a source power interruption. The system features flexible AC or DC input, with low output ripple along with short circuit, overvoltage and overload protection.

The integrated charge controller continuously maintains the correct charge level on the battery and ensures a seamless power transition to battery power when needed, making it a complete UPS solution.

Key Features:

  • Accepts a universal AC or DC input power (90 ~ 264VAC, 127 ~ 370VDC)
  • Short circuit, overload, over voltage and over temperature protection
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • Operating temperature -20°C ~ +70°C
  • LED status indicators
  • Relay contact signal output and LED indicators for DC Bus OK, Battery Fail and Battery Discharge
  • Sealed batteries are field replaceable
  • Optional 1.2Ah and 4.5Ah 24V DIN Rail Battery Packs
  • Made in USA

Check out our web site for this and other industrial UPS components such as power supplies, charge controllers and battery packs.

Power Supplies - DC/DC Converter DIN
DC/DC Converter DIN

Compact Industrial 100W DC/DC Converters

The RLH DC/DC converter is a compact power supply designed to convert a DC Input voltage to a regulated and isolated DC output voltage providing up to 100 watts of power. Able to power a wide range of industrial equipment, this converter is available in a variety of options to accommodate most standard DC voltages found in substations, Telco, and automation & control environments.

Each model supports a wide input voltage range, and allows for adjusting the output voltage to +/-10 % of the rated output voltage. To easily monitor operation there is an LED status indicator and a relay output for power status and alarm conditions. Built for industrial applications, the rugged design features a tough aluminum alloy frame with powder coated galvanized steel housing for superior corrosion resistance, and DIN rail mounting.

Common features:

  • Rugged design – Extreme operating temperature rating -40°C to +70°C
  • DIN mountable, install anywhere rail can be placed or found
  • Models with 12V, 24V, 48V & 130V inputs and 12V, 24, & 48V outputs
  • Supports 100 Watt load over entire operating temperature range
  • Isolated DC Output with 10% +/- adjustment
  • Bi-Color LED provide power status and alarm indication
  • Alarm relay output for remote/external monitoring
  • High DC input available for converting large battery array power to usable range for network devices
  • Made in USA
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