Heavy Duty Bracket Which Holds Two Fiber Adapter Plates, Wall or DIN Rail Mounted

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  • Steel bracket, powder coated light grey
  • Holds two (2) Fiber adapter plates
  • Compatible with RLH Fiber Adapter Plates and LGX Foot Print Adapter Plates
  • Supports up to 48 fiber strands, when used with LC Quad Adapter Plates
  • Wide variety of adapters plates available: ST, SC, FC, LC, MTRJ, MTP, and APC
  • Low Profile less than 3 inches deep
  • Wall mounting hardware included
  • Optional heavy duty DIN-Rail clip available
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


The Toro Fiber Adapter Plate Bracket is a compact, cost effective way to breakout fiber in a wall mount or DIN rail environment where splicing is not necessary and space is at a premium.

This heavy duty steel bracket holds two, LGX foot print, fiber adapter plates.  Fiber Adapter plates are ordered separately and are available with a wide range of connector options and fiber counts. ST, SC, FC, LC are just some of the adapter types available. This bracket can accommodate up to 48 Fibers when used with two 24 Fiber LC adapter plates.

The Toro Fiber Adapter Plate Bracket is powder coated light grey and can be wall mounted with the included hardware or it can be DIN rail mounted when ordered with the accessory DIN clip. It can be ordered together with adapter plates pre-installed for quick installation in the field.


Adapter Plates:
Holds 2 plates (Up to 24 fibers per plate with LC Quad Adapters)

Adapter Plate Compatibility:
LGX Fiber Adapter Plate Compatible
Adapter Plate Dimensions: H 5.13” x W 1.20”

*4.65" is the distance from hole to hole of plate plunger latches

Mounting Style:
Wall, Hardware Included
DIN rail (DIN rail kit ordered separately or may be ordered pre-installed)

Indoor, 2 plate bracket design

W 1.27 in. x H 5.70 in. x D 2.90 in. (33mm x 145mm x 74mm)

Limited Lifetime

Toro Fiber Adapter Plate Bracket

Toro Fiber Adapter Plate Bracket


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  • Adapter Plates are ordered separately

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