Ideal for Temporary Backup for DIN-Mounted Electronics​

Power Supplies - 24VDC 4.5Ah Battery Pack
24VDC 4.5Ah Battery Pack

The 4.5Ah 24VDC battery pack is an ideal battery solution suited for 24VDC UPS applications, or other industrial applications where battery reserve power is required.

The aluminum powder coated housing includes a pluggable screw down terminal, and an externally accessible fuse for easy installation and maintenance. This battery pack mounts on standard T35 DIN rail and has dual clips for extra stability on the rail.

The two internal batteries are maintenance free, AGM sealed lead acid, and rated for up to 5 years of standby service. Spent batteries are easily replaced in the field and replacement battery sets are readily available.

RLH offers a variety of compatible DIN rail power supplies and charge controllers to complete your battery backup solution.


  • Includes dual DIN clips for extra stability
  • DIN mountable
  • Powder coated aluminum construction
  • Easy to access pluggable screw down terminal
  • Ideal solution for 24VDC battery backup applications
  • Externally accessible replaceable fuse
  • Includes sealed, maintenance free, lead acid batteries with AGM technology
  • Up to 5 years of standby service

Battery Pack Construction:
Powder Coated Aluminum

10.38” (W) x 3.58” (D) x 5.64” (H), (264mm x 91mm x 144mm)

DIN Clip for T35 DIN Rail

Power Connection:
Screw down power terminals

7 lbs. (3.2kg)

Internal Batteries:
Quantity 2, 12VDC, 4.5Ah

Battery Type:
Lead acid deep cycle AGM, spill proof, maintenance free

Nominal Voltage:

4.5Ah @ 25˚C

6A, user replaceable

Operating Temperature Range:
Discharge -15˚C ~ 50˚C (5˚F ~ 122˚F)
Charge -15˚C ~ 40˚C (5˚F ~ 104˚F)
Storage -15˚C ~ 40˚C (5˚F ~ 104˚F)

Recommended Charging Voltage:

Recommended Charging Current Limit:

Maximum Recommended Charging Current Limit:

Self Discharge:
Less than 10% after 90 days; battery pack can be stored for up to 6 months at 25˚C (77˚F)
*Batteries must be charged prior to use

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24VDC 4.5Ah DIN Mount Battery Pack

Short descriptionPart numberPrice
DIN 24VDC Battery Pack with 4.5Ah CapacityRLH-2404-2BP$160.00

Replacement Battery Set

Short descriptionPart numberPrice
Replacement Battery Set For RLH-2404-2BPRLH-2404-1RB$65.00

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