For Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Installation​

ADSS Hardware
ADSS Hardware

For aerial fiber optic applications in electrically hazardous environments it is recommended to use ADSS (All-Dielectric Self Supporting) cable. ADSS fiber cable contains an aramid strength member eliminating the need to lash to a messenger. There are two types of hardware to attach ADSS fiber optic cable to a pole; dead ends and support brackets.

ADSS Dead End Support

The is used for riser poles, or two dead ends can be used for mid-span poles with more than 15 degrees of bend in the cable span direction. Ram hook hardware included with each dead end.

ADSS Mid-Span Support Bracket

The Support Bracket is used to support ADSS fiber optic cable on mid-span poles. The bracket is installed by simply bolting to pole.

ADSS Storage Bracket

ADSS storage brackets eliminate the need for slack storage vaults and allow for ADSS slack to be stored aerially. The brackets also act as a safeguard, protecting the minimum bend radius of the fiber cable.


ADSS Hardware System
ADSS Hardware System

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