DIN Rail Battery Pack

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  • DIN/Wall mount
  • Compact design
  • Sealed, no-spill gel style lead/acid battery design

RLH DIN Mount Battery Packs are designed to supply temporary power to industrial equipment in the event of a power outage. These DIN mount battery packs may be used with any compatible power supply, and are a great way to add backup battery power to RLH power supplies that have a compatible UPS battery charge controller. They mount quickly to standard T35 DIN rails, and come complete with a section of DIN rail for easy wall or panel mounting.

The 4.5Ah backup battery pack is a compact sealed battery unit ideally suited for 24VDC UPS applications, or other industrial applications where battery reserve power is required.

Backup batteries are used with RLH AC/DC DIN mount power supplies and charge controller to provide backup power in the event of an AC outage.

Each battery pack has two leakproof and maintenance free internal lead/acid batteries. The battery pack is DIN rail mounted, and includes 2 DIN rail clips for stability. Use the DIN rail to mount the battery to a wall or equipment rack.

Battery packs connect to a battery charge controller via screw down terminals on the bottom. An externally replaceable fuse is included to protect the battery circuit.

Depleted and/or defective batteries are field replaceable by qualified personnel. Refer to ordering information for replacement batteries.


Dielectric Thermoplastic Housing, User Serviceable Battery

L 9.5in. x D 4.5in. x H 6.5 (W 241mm x D 114mm x H 165mm)

Mounting Style:
DIN/Wall mount


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