Introducing the Power Over Fiber System (PoF)

RLH Product Launch

Power Over Fiber (PoF)

RLH is pleased to announce significant updates to our Power over Fiber system (PoF).

The power over fiber system utilizes RLH’s Patented technology to provide power transmission over three multimode (62.5/125) optical fibers. It utilizes laser light at the transmitter and a photovoltaic power converter at the receiver, providing true power isolation to a remote location where power surges or lightning strikes are eminent.

The PoF Transmitter is a self-contained housing that may be 19/23” rack or wall mounted and requires a 24~56 VDC power source. The transmitter unit contains two high power laser diodes and one fiber receiver for signal feedback and monitoring.

Depending on the distance of fiber RLH’s new receiver card now provides up to 1 Watt of 24 Volt DC power. The increased efficiency will allow one system to power a 4 Wire Data, 56k, or T1 Fiber Link Card.

Fiber Optic Accessories - Power Over Fiber System (PoF)
Power Over Fiber (PoF)


When used with our Fiber Link Cards, The Power over Fiber system provides the only IEEE 487 approved method of powering a CFJ with substation derived power.

This system allows you to use readily available power at the substation to power your Fiber Link cards that interface with a central offices inbound communication circuits. This avoids the need to install Solar Power, Remote Power Meters, or request span power from your service provider.

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