Introducing the iMux SFP

RLH Product Launch

RLH is proud to announce the new iMux with Gigabit SFP Optics

The iMux Modular Multiplexer System is our powerful fiber optic modular multiplexer capable of providing up to 16 channels of T1, RS232, 4 wire data/600 Ohm audio, analog phone FXO/FXS, plus Gigabit Ethernet, all over a single fiber. Each of these services are provided by field-installable communication modules, which can transport up to 4 channels each, and may be used in any combination.

Gigabit SFPs provide the fiber transport of the services, and dual SFPs may be used as a hot-swappable redundant pair that automatically failover in case of a failure in the primary fiber path. The iMux may be managed through SNMP, web Interface, craft port or menu keys on the front panel, and has alarm monitoring and programmable alarm contacts.

This flexible fiber optic solution is ideal for use in applications where compatibility and reliability are a must.

iMux Multiplexer System
iMux Modular Multiplexer System
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