Fiber Cable Assembly, Indoor/Outdoor, Singlemode, Riser, Tight Buffer, 2mm - 18" Breakout, LC, LC, Simplex, Built to Specified Length, with Pulling Sheath​​

Fiber Cable Assembly, LC, Singlemode
Fiber Cable Assembly, LC, Singlemode

Lead time 2 to 3 Days*

Preterminated cable assemblies save a vast amount of time when used for field fiber installations. Expensive splicing or polishing equipment is not needed. This cable is built to your specified length and will include a pulling sheath for installation through conduit or raceways. If you don’t see the cable you need be sure to contact us!

Min/Max Length: 10 ft – 2500 ft

Accordion Content

Fiber Strands:6
Connector Type (Side 1 & 2):LC
Cable Mode Type:Singlemode
Jacket Rating:Riser
Jacket Type:Indoor/Outdoor
Breakout Length:18″
Cable SpecificationsSee Data Sheet
Minimum Recommended Conduit Size:1″
Compliance:GR326, IEC 61300-3-35
Part Number:RLH-06IRSM2-LCLC-B18-F-1
Q: What size conduit will this cable fit through?
Each cable will have a different diameter and the pulling sheaths will have a minimum recommended conduit size. We have listed the minimum size conduit size each cable will fit into. Our recommendation is a general guideline as conduit pulls are very specific to the conduit path. A larger size conduit can typically handle longer runs, a conduit path with less bends will typically be an easier pull. Conduits with existing cables will have mixed results. The cable end with the pulling sheaths is meant to be run through the conduit, your pulling string should be affixed to the loop at the end of the pulling sheath. For cable assemblies with higher strand count cables the connectors will be staggered in length to allow for the smallest possible diameter. See our Pulling Sheath info graphic for additional information.
Q: What will the over all length of my cable be?
To calculate the over all cable length you will need to add: Cable Length + Side 1 Breakout Length + Side 2 Breakout length. The cable length is the value selected when ordering and is charged by foot. This portion of the length will have the heavy jacketing on the cable. The breakout lengths vary based on strand count and can be found in the cables specification section.
Q: What is the breakout length?
The breakout length is the following:
  • 2 Strand Cables – 8″
  • 6 Strand Cables – 18″
  • 12+ Strand Cables – 36″
*Cable breakout lengths will vary slightly on the pulling sheath end as they may be staggered for higher strand count cables.
Q: How are the fibers identified?
Each of the cable assembly ends will have a protective tubing added and the tubing will be color coded to the fiber type:
Fiber Type Breakout Color
Multimode (OM1) Orange Tubing
Multimode (OM3) Aqua Tubing
Multimode (OM4) Magenta Tubing
Singlemode Yellow Tubing
A label is then affixed to each individual fiber strand. These labels will have the fiber # printed on it. These numbers correlate with the TIA color coding standard, as underneath the protective tubing each fiber is color coded:
Fiber Number Color
1 Blue
2 Orange
3 Green
4 Brown
5 Slate
6 White
7 Red
8 Black
9 Yellow
10 Violet
11 Rose
12 Aqua
Q: What brand cable will I get?
We stock of our fiber cables only from name brand manufactures, we may rotate stock from manufacturer to manufacture as lead times vary significantly when it comes time for us to replenish our own inventory. The cable you order will likely be one of these brands: Corning, Prysmian, AFL, or Superior Essex.
Q: How will the cable be shipped?
Our cables are shipped on a cable spool* with both ends secured for safe transport. The cables are delivered via FedEx or UPS, or if you contact us we can ship via your shipping provider. *Cables assemblies under 100′ in length will ship without a spool to reduce packaging.
Q: Where are these cable assemblies made?
Our cable assemblies are made in our factory, located at our headquarters in Orange, California.
Product Price

Note: if you need more than one of this cable with the same length, you can increase the quantity on the cart page.

Help Center

Connector TypeView Diagram

View to see different connector types: ST, SC, LC, MTP/MPO. Each can comes in various styles and colors.

Fiber TypeView Diagram

View to see the how a typical fiber cable is constructed as well as the physical differences between different mode types.

Cable TypeView Diagram

View the different categories of bulk fiber cable and our recommendation on the use for each type.

Breakout TypeView Diagram

View the standard breakouts used by our fiber technicians.

Pulling SheathView Diagram

View how the pulling sheath is constructed and how the cables ends are staggered within the sheath.

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