Semi-Buried Pedestal Enclosure​

Enclosures - Semi-Buried Pedestal (Type-03)
Semi-Buried Pedestal (Type-03)

RLH Semi-Buried Pedestal enclosures, include plywood backboard, Lockable covers with hex head self-locking system with padlock hasp. The pedestal stands approx. 36” tall when the base is buried. No mounting stakes or platforms are required for installation.

These Type-03 pedestals are larger versions of the popular Type-02 pedestals, with enough room to install a 12-card Fiber Optic Link housing. Pedestals are constructed of all-dielectric plastic with a steel support frame.

RLH offers standard Fiber Optic Link configurations pre-installed into enclosures. These Telco Interface Units allow for faster and more uniform field installations (see Ordering tab).

Have a special requirement not listed? RLH Pedestal Telco Units may now be customized for your particular application through our factory modification program. There are no minimum orders for this service.


  • All-dielectric plastic construction
  • Internal metal frame with plywood backboard
  • Available in 5, 8 or 12-card configurations
  • Available with gas tube terminal protection
  • Made in USA

All-dielectric molded plastic with metal backboard frame

Mounting Style:

Plywood backboard

2-card Fiber Optic Link housing, 5-, 8- or 12-card Fiber Optic Link shelf, Gas Tube Protection

General Information
Semi-Buried Pedestal (Type-03) Dimensions
Semi-Buried Pedestal (Type-03) Dimensions


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Semi-Buried Pedestal (Type-03)

Short descriptionHousingPart numberPrice
H48” x W20” x L14” with ¾” Fire Retardant Plywood BackboardEmpty Backboard8806-1285-03$550.00
H48” x W20” x L14” with ¾” Fire Retardant Plywood Backboard with 5 Card Housing8806-1231-038806-1409-03NT$1,030.00
H48” x W20” x L14” with ¾” Fire Retardant Plywood Backboard with 8 Card Housing8806-1229-038806-1406-03NT$1,130.00
H48” x W20” x L14” with ¾” Fire Retardant Plywood Backboard with 12 Card Housing8806-1230-038806-1408-03NT$1,230.00

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WarningWarning: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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