Extend Two 4 Wire Data and Contact Closure Signals Over Fiber Optic Cable

Product Overview

This industrial fiber optic media converter is designed to extend two 4 Wire Voice Frequency Signals over fiber optic cable. This system also features bi-directional contact closure for remote relay or alarm status transportation. By extending 4 Wire signals over fiber cable you gain the advantage of sending the signal long distances, up to 120km, as well as gain noise immunity to RF and Electromagnetic Interference.

This system transports two circuits of 4 Wire Data and supports E&M signaling. The devices can be ordered with dual fiber or single fiber transceivers. The 4 wire data supports constant transmission of voice frequency ranging from 300Hz-3,400Hz which is suitable for a wide range of radio and SCADA applications. This RLH Fiber Link system is designed and made in the USA and covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Lead Time: 1 to 2 Weeks*

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2 Channel 4 Wire Data with E&M and IO System

Product configurationModeConnectorDistanceFibersPart numberPricehf:att:pa_modehf:att:pa_connectorhf:att:pa_distance
Multimode, SC, 2km/1.2 miles, Dual FiberMultimodeSC2km/1.2 milesDual Fiber4D-2EM-IO-03-1$850.00
Multimode, ST, 2km/1.25 miles, Dual FiberMultimodeST2km/1.2 milesDual Fiber4D-2EM-IO-04-1$850.00
Singlemode, SC, 20km/12.4 miles, Dual FiberSinglemodeSC20km/12.4 milesDual Fiber4D-2EM-IO-40-1$950.00
Singlemode, SC, 60km/37 miles, Dual FiberSinglemodeSC60km/37 milesDual Fiber4D-2EM-IO-41-1$1,050.00
Singlemode, SC, 120km/74 miles, Dual FiberSinglemodeSC120km/74 milesDual Fiber4D-2EM-IO-45-1$1,130.00
Singlemode, ST, 20km/12.4 miles, Dual FiberSinglemodeST20km/12.4 milesDual Fiber4D-2EM-IO-50-1$950.00
Singlemode, ST, 60km/37 miles, Dual FiberSinglemodeST60km/37 milesDual Fiber4D-2EM-IO-51-1$1,050.00
Singlemode, ST, 120km/74 miles, Dual FiberSinglemodeST120km/74 milesDual Fiber4D-2EM-IO-55-1$1,130.00
Singlemode, SC, 20km/12.4 miles, Single Fiber - Side ASinglemodeSC20km/12.4 milesSingle Fiber - Side A4D-2EM-IO-10-1$990.00
Singlemode, SC, 20km/12.4 miles, Single Fiber - Side BSinglemodeSC20km/12.4 milesSingle Fiber - Side B4D-2EM-IO-11-1$990.00
Singlemode, SC, 60km/37 miles, Single Fiber - Side ASinglemodeSC60km/37 milesSingle Fiber - Side A4D-2EM-IO-14-1$1,090.00
Singlemode, SC, 60km/37 miles, Single Fiber - Side BSinglemodeSC60km/37 milesSingle Fiber - Side B4D-2EM-IO-15-1$1,090.00
  • For the 125VDC input power option, please note your part number, add -A to the end, and get your quote here
  • A complete system requires 2 units
  • Bi-Directional single fiber models require an A side and B side unit for a complete system

*Lead times are estimates and may vary. You will be contacted within 1 business day to go over the details of your order. If you require a specific date, let us know!
*Days = Business Days

WarningWarning: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.