RLH Product Launch

OM4 Cable Assemblies

Due to the rising popularity of OM4 multimode fiber optic plant installations, RLH has expanded our online fiber cable ordering system that now includes OM4 cable assemblies.

RLH quick-delivery, pre-terminated cable assemblies save a vast amount of time and effort, allowing for projects to be rapidly deployed. Factory-made cables can also provide project-cost savings as there is no need for expensive field splicing and testing on site. All cable assemblies are built to your specified length and include a pulling sheath with staggered connector ends for installation in conduit or raceways. Each cable assembly comes included with certified test results.

Key Features

  • OM4 multimode fiber
  • Indoor/Outdoor plenum jacket
  • SC or LC connectors
  • Pulling sheath for conduit installations
  • 2, 6, or 12 fibers
  • Built to custom length and fully tested
  • Quick-turnaround delivery
Fiber Cable Assembly, LC, Multimode (OM4)
Fiber Cable Assembly on Spool
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