Ideal for Temporary Power Backup for Critical Communication Equipment​

Power Supplies - 48V DC 7.2aH Battery Pack
Battery Pack

The RLH 48V 7.2Ah battery pack is designed to provide reliable UPS backup power for industrial equipment. Ideal for use with RLH UPS systems, battery packs are commonly used with AC/DC power supplies and a UPS battery charge controller to provide uninterrupted backup power in the event of a power outage.

The battery pack is a durable, compression molded fiberglass housing with four 7.2Ah sealed type batteries mounted inside. The battery pack is designed to be wall or panel mounted.

The batteries are field replaceable by qualified personnel, and replacement battery kits are available. The battery pack includes a connection terminal and replaceable protection fuse on the bottom.

RLH battery packs have a long service life up to 5 years of standby service. As with all batteries, excessive discharge cycling, hot or cold temperatures will decrease battery power and life.

Please refer to the ordering information section for replacement batteries.


  • Durable compression molded fiberglass with screw down cover plat
  • Includes sealed, maintenance free, lead acid batteries with AGM technology
  • High cycle life, deep discharge capable
  • Easy to access, pluggable, screw down terminals
  • Ideally suited for 48VDC UPS applications
  • Externally accessible and user replaceable fuse
  • Up to 5 years of stand by service

Battery Pack Construction:
Durable compression molded fiberglass with screw down cover

H 11.31in. x W 9.31in. x D 5.43in (H 287mm x W 236mm x D 138mm)

Wall mount

Power Connection:
Screw down power terminals

28 lbs. (8.2kg)

Internal Batteries:
Quantity 4, 12VDC, 7.2Ah

Battery Type:
Sealed Lead Acid, AGM, Deep Cycle, spill proof, maintenance free

Nominal Voltage:

7.2 Ah @ 25˚C

6A, user replaceable

Operating Temperature Range:
Discharge -15˚C ~ 50˚C (5˚F ~ 122˚F)
Charge -15˚C ~ 40˚C (5˚F ~ 104˚F)
Storage -15˚C ~ 40˚C (5˚F ~ 104˚F)

Charging Voltage:
54 to 55.2VDC average @25˚C (77˚F)

Maximum Charging Current Limit:

Self Discharge:
Less than 10% after 90 days, Battery pack can be stored for up to 6 months at 25˚C (77˚F)
Batteries must be charged before using

* Extreme temperatures will reduce storage time

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Lead Time: 1 Week*

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48VDC 7.2Ah Wall Mount Battery Pack

Short descriptionPart numberPrice
48 Volt DC Battery Pack with 7.2Ah Capacity, Wall MountRLH-4807-1BP$320.00

Replacement Battery Set

Short descriptionPart numberPrice
Replacement Battery Set For RLH-4807-1BPRLH-4807-1RB$150.00

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