Extend HDSL 1, HDSL 2, or HDSL 4 Telco Circuits Over Fiber – Line Powered

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  • Universal HDSL compatibility
  • CO side is simplex powered
  • HDSL1, HDSL2 or HDSL4 compatible
  • Available in Single or Multi-mode
  • Available with ST or SC Connectors
  • Compatible with wide variety of housings
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Made in USA

NEBS Level 3

The RLH HDSL (Universal) fiber link card interfaces with any HDSL technology. The system interfaces one 2-pair HDSL1 or HDSL4 line, or up to two 1-pair HDSL2 lines.

This fiber link card is NEBS Level III approved, is designed to be installed into any of the RLH fiber link card housings, and occupies a single card slot.


For a comprehensive review of the product specs, please see the Data Sheet, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Transmission Method:
Frequency modulated light via two optical fibers

Multimode: 850nm
Singlemode: 1310nm

Fiber Type/Distance:
Multimode (62.5/125µm): 1640 feet/500m
Singlemode (9/125µm): 9 miles/15km

Fiber Connector Type:
ST or SC

7in. x 4in. x 1in. (177.8mm x 101.6mm x 25.4mm)
(Standard RLH Fiber Link Card Form Factor)

Operating Temperature:
-40˚F to +158˚F (-40˚C to +70˚C)

Operating Humidity:
95% non-condensing

HDSL (Universal) System

HDSL (Universal) System

HDSL (Universal) System

HDSL (Universal) System

  • HDSL-2 Telco services utilize only one copper pair. Up to two, HDSL-2 copper circuits can be applied thru one RLH HDSL Fiber Link System. Turn OFF unused Loop when using only one HDSL-2(one pair) circuit.
  • The RLH HDSL Sub Card does not provide DC output/span power to operate an RT/NIU. Use an RT/NIU that will accept a local 48VDC power source. as per manufactures spec.

Download the RLH Data Sheet

Download the RLH User Guide

Download Layout

Download Layout

Download the DXF File

Download the DXF File

Download the DWG File

Download the DWG File

  • A complete system requires a CO card and a SUB card
  • This card is designed to be installed into a Card Housing

Please submit a quote request or contact your RLH sales representative for pricing and delivery information.