Durable Rack or Wall Mount Housings, NEBS L3 Certified

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  • NEBS Level III certified
  • Optional plug-in switching power supply and DC power terminal available
  • Power terminals accept one or two 24~56VDC inputs, and includes up to 12 outputs
  • Alarm contacts for power supply failure
  • Backup battery packs available for uninterruptible power operation
  • EIA 19/23” Rack or wall mount
  • Available in 5, 8, or 12 card capacities
  • Durable powder coated welded steel construction
  • Includes fiber management spools for fiber storage
  • Holds up to 12 Fiber Link Cards in any configuration
  • Fiber management clamps and hardware included
  • 19/23” Rack and wall mount hardware included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Made in USA

NEBS Level 3RLH Fiber Link Card Housings feature a powder coated steel housing with card guides designed for housing Fiber Optic Link cards of any combination, which are secured by quick release retainer clips. A steel framed door with acrylic window allows you to view the cards at a glance without having to open it.

The housings occupy rack spaces (4RU) in an equipment rack, and come complete with mounting brackets and hardware suitable for EIA 19" or 23" rack mounting, or for cabinet or wall mounting. Fiber cable accessories and fiber management spools are included.

Fiber Link Card Housings are also available with an integrated power supply. The power supply module occupies (2) card positions. AC/DC power supply modules may be used with an optional external UPS battery pack to supply temporary power in case of an outage.

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For a comprehensive review of the product specs, please see the Data Sheet, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Powder coated steel with card rails and latches

Physical Dimensions:
5-Card H7.0in. x W8.0in. x D11.5in. (178mm x 203mm x 292mm)
8-Card H7.0in. x W12.0in. x D11.5in. (178mm x 305mm x 292mm)
12-Card H7.0in. x W17.0in. x D11.5in. (178mm x 432mm x 292mm)

Mounting Style:
Wall or rack mount

Wall and Rack Mounting brackets & Fiber Cable Management spools

Terminals, ports, integrated power supplies, battery packs

Optional Pre-Installed Accessories:
DC Power Distribution Strip, Integrated AC/DC, or DC/DC power Supply

Fiber Link Card Housings NEBS Level 3

Housings Dimensions


Download the RLH Data Sheet

Download the RLH User Guide

Download the 5 Card Layout

Download the 8 Card Layout

Download the 12 Card Layout

Download the DXF File

Download the DXF File

Download the DXF File

Download the 5 Card Layout

Download the 8 Card Layout

Download the 12 Card Layout

  • Add -DC to the Part Number for pre-installed DC power terminal
  • Add -A48 to end of part number for for 48V AC/DC power supply with DC power terminal. Requires one card slot.

Please submit a quote request or contact your RLH sales representative for pricing and delivery information.