Efficient DIN Mounted DC/DC Converters, Regulated and Isolated Outputs with Adjustable Voltage

DIN Mount


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  • Rugged design - Extreme operating temperature rating
  • DIN mountable, Install anywhere rail can be placed or found
  • Models with 24V, 48V & 130V inputs and 12V, 24, & 48V outputs
  • Supports 100 Watt load over entire operating temperature range
  • Isolated DC Output with 10% +/- adjustment
  • Bi-Color LED provide power status and alarm indication
  • Sturdy powder coated aluminum case
  • Alarm relay output for remote/external monitoring
  • High DC input available for converting large battery array power to usable range for network devices
  • Made in USA

The RLH DC/DC converter is a compact power supply designed to convert a DC Input voltage to a regulated and isolated DC output voltage. Able to power a wide range of industrial equipment this power supply offers a wide variety of conversion options to accommodate standard voltages found in substations, Telco, & automation and control environments.

This rugged power supply features a tough aluminum alloy frame with powder coated galvanized steel housing for superior corrosion resistance. The DIN clip allows for easy mounting anywhere DIN rail can be placed.

Each model supports a wide input voltage range and allows for adjusting the output voltage to +/-10 % of the rated output voltage. The converter has a bi-color LED indicator and a relay output to indicate power status and alarm conditions.


For a comprehensive review of the product specs, please see the Data Sheet, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Steel, powder coated

Input Voltage Range
130VDC Models - 72 ~ 144
48VDC Models - 36 ~ 72
24VDC Models - 18 ~ 36

Start Time: 20mS (Non capacitive Load)
Ripple & Noise: 1% @ 2-Mhz Broadband
Over Current Protection: 120% @ Vin Min ≤ Vin Nominal ≤ Vin Max
Dynamic Response Setting Time: 400us
Output Voltage Trim: +/- 10%
Switching Frequency: 300KHz

Efficiency: 85% Typical
Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ +70℃
Relative Humidity: 5% ~ 90%RH
Isolated Resistance: 100M ohm
Over Current: Protection type : Hiccup , recovers automatically
Input Polarity Reversal Protection: Auto Correcting
Input Over Voltage Protection: 120% of max. input voltage
Cooling: Heatsink, Convection cooling
Isolation Resistance: Input to Output: 100M Ohm
Isolated Voltage: Input to Output: 1500VDC

Alarm Relay
Rated Load: 0.50 A @ 125 VAC, 1A @ 24 VDC
Max. Operating Voltage: 125 VAC, 60 VDC
Max. Operating Current: 1A
Max. Switching Capacity: 62.50 VA, 30W

Dimensions: 4.95 in. x W 2.59 in. x D 3.79 in. (126mm x 119mm x 94mm)
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Construction: Aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, powder coated
Mounting: 35mm DIN rail

3 Year Limited

Feature and Dimensional Information

Feature and Dimensional Information


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