A Complete Power Supply System

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  • Heavy duty, efficient, 100 watt photovoltaic array
  • Outdoor rated battery pack with integrated charge controller
  • Includes mounting hardware for panel and battery pack
  • Internal batteries are heavy duty, leakproof, industrial grade
  • Easy-Mount aluminum bracket with quick-tilt support arm
  • Power output: 100W 24VDC
  • Liquid tight Junction Box
  • Includes 25ft. outdoor rated #12 AWG wiring with panel connectors preinstalled
  • Arm and frame may be secured with padlocks

Solar PowerThe RLH 100W Solar Power kit is a complete power supply system that includes a 100W 24VDC solar panel with 52Ah regulated battery pack and charge controller. Ideal for remotely powering industrial devices or lighting systems. Recommended 60mA max load. Heavy duty construction for long life.

Includes lightweight and strong RLH Easy-Mount bracket with quick-tilt system for rapid mounting to pole or wall. All mounting hardware is included. Panel is mounted with anti-tamper screws, and may be secured with padlocks to the bracket, locking the solar panel in place.

Standard configuration includes the panel assembly with mounting bracket, outdoor-rated weatherproof battery pack with charge controller and user replaceable batteries. A fiberglass mounting pole is also available.


Photovoltaic Panel Dimensions:
H22”xW47” xD1.5”(550mmx1200mmx35mm)

Solar Panel Output:
100W 24VDC

52Ah gel style battery pack
Provides 5 days minimum backup power for up to 400mA load


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