Summer 2016 New Products

RLH Product Launch

New Products

RLH is pleased to announce our new Analog Phone Fiber Link DIN systems which can transport one or two analog phone lines, or two phone lines with bi-directional contact closure over fiber optic cable. These systems are compatible with all traditional analog phone services, dial-up modems, meters, and fax machines.

Common applications include extending analog lines with contact relay over fiber, providing long distance communication up to 74 mi. (120km), as well as immunity to EMI/RFI and transient surges.

Features include a wide operating temperature, Caller ID and Call Forward Disconnect, making them a true transparent fiber extension. These systems support Ringdown, and standard system powering requirement is 24-48VDC with an optional 125VDC available. They also feature dual redundant power inputs with a system alarm contact relay, and come standard with DIN clip and wall mount ears.

These rugged systems are a great new addition to our Fiber Optic Converters, are manufactured in the USA and covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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