Angled Adapter Plates, Cable Strain Relief Kits, & Unparalleled Access for Splicing

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  • Installer friendly built-in cable management & splice tray storage
  • Holds up to 8 adapter plates, up to 192 fiber capacity
  • EIA 19” or 23" rack front or mid/center mounting
  • Removable heavy-duty hinged door
  • Self-sealing grommets provide superior dust and rodent protection
  • Convenient fiber identification system
  • Angled adapter plates for optimal fiber routing
  • Removable sliding tray, rear cover, and entry grommets allow a for a variety of cable arrangements and maximum ease of fiber installation and maintenance
  • Entry grommet brackets allow incoming fiber to be removed from the housing without cutting
  • Additional options include our peel and seal fiber cable strain relief kits, splice trays, adapter plates, and fiber pigtails
  • Configurable strain relief kits support cable entering from above, below or to the side, for maximum compatibility
  • May be custom ordered with fully terminated cable or pigtails
  • Made in USA

The RLH Optimum 4RU fiber patch panel is part of a series of fully integrated fiber distribution systems. The user friendly design makes the Optimum series the superior solution for fiber patching and/or splicing optical fiber in a 19/23” rack. It holds up to 8 fiber adapter plates (up to 192-fibers), 8 splice trays, and is ideal for installation in a wide variety of environments including substations, equipment rooms, central offices, and outdoor enclosures.

Optimum Series patch panels are constructed from powder coated aluminum alloy, and feature a removable hinged powder-coated aluminum door with quarter-turn cam-lock, removable slide out tray, and removable rear access self-sealing entry grommets. Optional strain relief kits featuring Peel n’ Seal technology provide proper routing and securing of fiber optic entrance cables at the rear, from above, the side or below.

Fiber assemblies or pigtails can be custom ordered and pre-terminated into the patch panel for a complete turn-key solution. The patch panels, splice trays and adapter plates may also be ordered separately. The plates are held securely in the housing with push-pull retainers that require no tools.



Optimum 4RU Dimensions


Optimum 4RU Features

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DescriptionCapacityDimensionsPart Number
Optimum 4RU Fiber Patch Panel (Unloaded)8 Optimum Adapter Plates7”H x 17”W x 17”DPRO-4B-1

DescriptionFiber CapacityDimensionsPart Number
Fiber Splice Tray2411.75”L x 5.15”W x 0.35”HRLH-FST-03

DescriptionQty per KitPart Number
Peel n’ Seal Strain Relief Kit2PRO-SRK-4A

DescriptionAdapter TypeFiber TypeSimplex /
Duplex / Quad
Fiber CapacityAdapter ColorPart Number
Optimum Series Blank Adapter PlateN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AAPO-BLANK
Optimum Series Fiber Adapter PlateSTSinglemodeSimplex12MetalAPO-ST12-LSSM
Optimum Series Fiber Adapter PlateSCSinglemodeSimplex12BlueAPO-SC12-LSSM
SC APCSinglemodeSimplex12GreenAPO-SC12-LSSA
SC 10GMultimodeSimplex12AquaAPO-SC12-LSMX
Optimum Series Fiber Adapter PlateSCSinglemodeDuplex12BlueAPO-SC6-LDSM
SC APCSinglemodeDuplex12GreenAPO-SC6-LDSA
SC 10GMultimodeDuplex12AquaAPO-SC6-LDMX
Optimum Series Fiber Adapter PlateLCSinglemodeDuplex24BlueAPO-LC12-LDSM
LC APCSinglemodeDuplex24GreenAPO-LC12-LDSA
LC 10GMultimodeDuplex24AquaAPO-LC12-LDMX

Optimum Factory Pre-Assembled Ordering Guide
When ordered through our ordering matrix the fiber patch panel will come pre-loaded with the options selected
See the chart below for ordering instructions. Download and print the chart to aid in ordering.

Product Matrix

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