Indoor Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panels Support up to 144 Fibers

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  • Available in 2 or 12 adapter plate capacities
  • Compatible with RLH Fiber Adapter Plates and LGX Foot Print Adapter Plates
  • Strain reliefs and anchor points to secure fiber cable inside the enclosure
  • Splice trays and fiber splice reinforcements included
  • Wall mountable with dual door design for easy access to interior components

RLH wall mount fiber patch panels provide a secure and convenient way to connect multiple fiber optic cables. These fiber patch panels are available in 3 sizes which offer a capacity range from 12-144 fibers.

The fiber patch panel hold 2 or 12 adapter plates. Each enclosure includes fiber management spools, self sealing grommets on the top and bottom, fiber identification label, and built-in strain relief lugs for securing fiber cable.

Fiber pigtail packs and Fiber Adapter Plates can be ordered and pre-installed in to the enclosure for rapid installation.

Indoor Wall Mount Patch Panels Dimensions

Indoor Wall Mount Patch Panels Dimensions


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Download Layout

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  • Adapter plates and fiber cable pigtails are ordered separately and may be preinstalled prior to shipping
  • View our compatible Fiber Adapter Plates

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