Transmits a 4-20mA or 0-10VDC Analog Signal Over Fiber

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  • Convenient LED status indicators
  • Available with ST or SC connectors for single or multi-mode fiber
  • Precision measurement, High degree of accuracy
  • High sample rate of 1.3 kHz
  • Alarm contact on Receiver for system status monitoring
  • Accepts a 24-48VDC power source to operate the unit
  • Pluggable terminal blocks
  • Wide operating temperature -40°F to +158°F (-40°C to +70°C)
  • Includes Standard T35 DIN rail and wall mount ears
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Made in USA

The Analog Signal DIN Fiber Link system transmits an analog signal, 4~20mA or 0~10VDC, over one optical fiber. This system is designed to provide highly accurate signal transmission at a high sample rate.

Compatible with most PLC's, Sensors (2, 3, or 4 wire), and other types of equipment where a precise current or voltage measurement needs to be taken and transmitted over fiber. The system comprises of a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX), each enclosed in a compact DIN and wall mountable housing.

This compact and rugged system provides convenient and easy to read LEDs, supports both singlemode and multimode fiber applications, and includes an alarm on the receiver enabling system health monitoring. RLH Fiber Link systems are designed to operate over an extreme temperature range, providing reliability in harsh environments. It is made in USA and covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


For a comprehensive review of the product specs, please see the Data Sheet, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Transmission Method:
Frequency modulated light via one optical fibers

Multimode: 1310nm
Singlemode: 1310nm, 1550nm

Fiber Type/Distance:
Multimode (62.5/125µm): 1.24 mi./2km, (50/125µm): 1.24mi./2km
Singlemode (9/125µm): up to 74.5mi/120km

Fiber Connector Types:
ST or SC

System Accuracy (Includes combined Tx & Rx)
4~20mA Model = <0.2% @ 25C° & 24VDC 0~10VDC Model = <0.1% @ 25C° & 24VDC

Update Rate:
1.3 Khz

Signal Resolution:
12 Bits

Analog Input & Output:
Refer to datasheet for complete specification list


H 4.93” x W 1.20” x D 3.93” (not including DIN clip)
Standard T-35 DIN rail mounting or wall mount with included brackets

Operating Temperature:
-40˚C ~ 70˚C (-40˚F ~ 158˚F)

Extending a Loop Power 4-20mA Transmitter over Fiber

Extending a Loop Power 4-20mA Transmitter over Fiber

Extending Current Sourcing 4-20mA Transmitter over Fiber

Extending Current Sourcing 4-20mA Transmitter over Fiber


Download the RLH Data Sheet

Download the RLH User Guide

Part Number
Part Number
Multimode SC2km / 1.2 mi62.5/50 μmTransmitterAD-420TX-03-1AD-010TX-03-1
Multimode ST2km / 1.2 mi62.5/50 μmTransmitterAD-420TX-04-1AD-010TX-04-1
Singlemode SC20km / 12.4 mi8~9 μmTransmitterAD-420TX-40-1AD-010TX-40-1
60km / 37 mi8~9 μmTransmitterAD-420TX-41-1AD-010TX-41-1
120km / 74 mi8~9 μmTransmitterAD-420TX-45-1AD-010TX-45-1
Singlemode ST20km / 12.4 mi8~9 μmTransmitterAD-420TX-50-1AD-010TX-50-1
60km / 37 mi8~9 μmTransmitterAD-420TX-51-1AD-010TX-51-1
120km / 74 mi8~9 μmTransmitterAD-420TX-55-1AD-010TX-55-1
  • A complete system requires one TX unit and one RX unit

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