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Introducing the RLH Cable Configurator

We are proud to unveil the RLH Cable Configurator – a web-based tool designed to help ease the configuring and ordering process of factory terminated, multi-strand, fiber cable assemblies. Providing information on selections such as: cable types, fiber types, break outs, and connectors that RLH has to offer, and your project may require.

How it Works

The RLH Cable Configurator walks you through a series of options, while providing an interactive and informative graphic to better explain each option. This will help to build just the right cable to fit your needs without overlooking any of the details. A product number and description are generated and emailed to one of our product experts, who are ready to put together a solution based on the requirements of your project.

We take on jobs of any size, from low volume highly specialized cable designs requiring CAD drawings to simple fiber cable assemblies. If you don’t see your desired option in our configuration tool or accompanying product matrix contact us! With over 30 years of experience working with fiber cable, we’re confident we can meet your needs.

RLH Cable Configurator
RLH Cable Configurator

Made in USA

Our Custom Fiber Cable Assemblies are built to your specifications at our production facility in Orange County, California. They can be installed easily and safely by technicians with little or no fiber experience. They provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for fiber installation and eliminate the need for specialized splicing equipment and field terminations. The cables are fully tested to comply with industry standards, and ultimately will reduce the cost of installation.
Made in USA

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