January Newsletter 2017

RLH Product Launch

Announcing Two New Products

RLH is pleased to announce two new products – Contact Closure DIN Fiber Link System and Bi-Directional Contact Closure DIN Fiber Link System.

Contact Closure DIN Fiber Link System is designed to transmit a dry contact closure over a single fiber.

Bi-Directional Contact Closure Fiber Link system provides two-way transmission of a contact closure signal over optical fiber.

Product applications include alarm event triggering, building automation, environmental control systems, fire & alarm systems, gate control, traffic signal control equipment, and more. The products are designed to operate over an extreme temperature range, providing reliability in non-temperature controlled environments. Both accept a wide power input range of 12 through 48 volts DC allowing for flexibility in installation.

These two additions to the RLH product line are manufactured in the USA and is covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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