RLH has over 30+ years of experience working on fiber cable within Cell Towers, Power Utilities, and Distribution Facilities. With a team of professionals and an outstanding field-safety record, we are ready for any fiber-services project.

  • Fiber Services
  • Structured Cabling
  • Engineering & Design
  • High-Voltage Protection
  • Turn-Key Installations
  • Telco Coordination

Fiber Optic Services


RLH’s team of technicians will handle the installation of your isolation equipment. We do everything from pedestal installation to fiber cable installation and termination.

Telco Coordination

RLH’s project managers will work with your service providers to identify hand-off points and the type of isolation equipment needed.

Service Turn Up

RLH offers a turn up package. An trained technician will be on-site to turn up the services and ensure all equipment is operating as planned.

GPR Studies

Work with RLH’s Engineers to develop the GPR Study needed to land services at your generating or distribution facility.

Turn-Key HVP Installations

RLH is the pioneer fiber optic isolation equipment manufacturer that has been helping customers navigate the complicated world of isolation for over 30+ years. We offer the most experience along with a world class team of project managers.

Our installation team will work with you each step of the way to ensure a trouble free process so that services are ready on time.

  • GPR Studies
  • Telco Coordination
  • Turn-Key Installations CFJ Placements
  • Consulting & Engineering
  • Pathway Development Demarcation Extension
  • Solar Power Plant Connectivity

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