GPR ServicesRLH GPR Engineering Services are designed for customers seeking to streamline the development of GPR studies for site engineers and technicians.

Utilizing the latest in computer assisted analysis together with unmatched engineering knowledge and experience in dealing with Ground Potential Rise, RLH GPR consulting services can develop a personalized GPR study for customers that require detailed site analysis and recommendations.

To develop a GPR study for your site or location, simply download and fill out our Service Request Form. This will serve as a worksheet to begin the process of developing the GPR study.

To see what kind of information is provided in the typical GPR study, download a sample GPR report.


  • Experience you can rely on: Over 35 years of engineering experience dealing with high voltage engineering solutions
  • We provide nationwide coverage
  • We also offer training on GPR

Locating the CFJ Inside the ZOI

This white paper discusses the recommended practice for establishing Ground Potential Rise (GPR) and Zone of Influence (ZOI), and has included references to industry standards and practices. Read this report: Locating the Copper-Fiber Junction (CFJ) within the Zone of Influence (ZOI)

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