The documents on this page provide technical reference, engineering and industry standards information relating to the use of Fiber Optics, both for general applications and HVP. We provide these useful white papers as free downloads.

RLH Fiber Optic Link telecommunications equipment is compliant with Motorola Standard R56 Issue B, Standards and Guidelines for Communications Sites. Please refer to the Motorola documentation for additional information.

NEBS Level 3 Compliance

NEBS Level 3At RLH we have always engineered our fiber optic link equipment to meet or exceed industry requirements. Now as more customers are standardizing on the main Bellcore (now Telcordia) Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) requirements, along with important sister documents for design and operation, our NEBS Level 3 compliance testing is nearly complete. This is the most stringent of the NEBS suite of tests, and we are pleased that the testing process has been uneventful.

All Fiber Optic Link cards are already FCC-Part-15 compliant, and this is just another example of the way in which we design, engineer and manufacture our Carrier Class equipment in the USA to meet the highest performance standards.