June 1

The Tucon Optical Link is discovered

While working as Project Manager for Ericsson USA, Robert L. Harris discovers a new 2 wire fiber optic (POTS) system known then as The Tucon Optical Link.
February 2

Robert L. Harris and Associates, Inc. is founded

Robert L. Harris and Associates, Inc. is formed with the first corporate office located in Orange, California.
February 1

RLH de-potts a Positron Transformer isolation card

Robert Harris unveils the true inner workings of this isolation product, which helps convince many users of this technology to change to fiber optics.
December 1

RLH changes corporate name

Robert L. Harris and Associates, Inc. becomes RLH Industries, Inc.
March 1

The Fiber Optic Link

RLH develops the RLH 2 Wire DID multimode fiber system for Short Haul and Extended distance applications - The Fiber Optic Link.
April 1

Method to deliver HDSL is developed

RLH begins development method of delivering T-1 service over fiber to the customer called HDSL (High Digital Subscriber Line).
June 1

Sprint/NEXTEL selects RLH

Sprint/NEXTEL selects RLH for Fiber Optic interfaces at NASCAR tracks.
August 1

California Speedway updated

RLH updates California Speedway for NEXTEL NASCAR series.
February 2

20th Anniversary

RLH Industries celebrates its 20th Anniversary!