June 1

The Tucon Optical Link is discovered

RLH Industries
While working as Project Manager for Ericsson USA, Robert L. Harris discovers a new 2 wire fiber optic (POTS) system known then as The Tucon Optical Link.
February 2

Robert L. Harris and Associates, Inc. is founded

RLH Industries
Robert L. Harris and Associates, Inc. is formed with the first corporate office located in Orange, California.
February 1

RLH de-potts a Positron Transformer isolation card

RLH Industries
Robert Harris unveils the true inner workings of this isolation product, which helps convince many users of this technology to change to fiber optics.
December 1

RLH changes corporate name

RLH Industries
Robert L. Harris and Associates, Inc. becomes RLH Industries, Inc.
March 1

The Fiber Optic Link

RLH Industries
RLH develops the RLH 2 Wire DID multimode fiber system for Short Haul and Extended distance applications - The Fiber Optic Link.
April 1

Method to deliver HDSL is developed

RLH Industries
RLH begins development method of delivering T-1 service over fiber to the customer called HDSL (High Digital Subscriber Line).
June 1

Sprint/NEXTEL selects RLH

RLH Industries
Sprint/NEXTEL selects RLH for Fiber Optic interfaces at NASCAR tracks.
August 1

California Speedway updated

RLH Industries
RLH updates California Speedway for NEXTEL NASCAR series.
February 2

20th Anniversary

RLH Industries
RLH Industries celebrates its 20th Anniversary!