For Fiber Optic Link Card housings and card shelves and rack mounts, see the Housings section

Need more T-1 lines? The RLH 4x1 T-1 Mux Fiber Optic Link card may be just the thing to add more lines without adding fiber cable infrastructure.

We carry a range of equipment and accessories designed to help professionally complete your installation.

Cabinets and Pedestals

RLH cabinets and pedestals are a perfect match for Fiber Optic Link housings, and are designed to be used in combination with telco equipment as well. We manufacture and stock a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

All cabinets and pedestals feature plywood backboards for easy field installation of Fiber Optic equipment for data or telco applications, are commercial grade, and may be secured with a padlock. Our heavy duty NEMA 4 cabinets are perfectly suited to harsh outdoor environments. RLH manufactures and stocks aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and fiberglass enclosures for a variety of applications.

Have a special requirement not listed?

Our enclosures are also available as pre-wired Telco Interface Units. Visit the Telco Interface Unit page for additional information.


We manufacture and inventory an extensive line of heavy duty NEMA 4 rated aluminum cabinets in several sizes and configurations.

Our fiberglass cabinets are perfect for quick and easy modification at the job site, and can be easily cut, sawed and drilled.

Be sure to check out our large 60" x 36" Fiberglass cabinets. See the catalog below for additional information.


Metal Cabinets
Aluminum Cabinets

Long lasting protection for both indoor and outdoor environments. Available in a number of different standard configurations. Several options are available such as thermal management (fans, heaters, vents, etc.), rack rails, etc.
Galvanized Steel Cabinets

Durable, cost effective galvanized steel construction for both indoor and outdoor environments. Available in the same sizes and options as the aluminum cabinets above.
Dual Access Galvanized Cabinets

Manufactured from durable galvanized steel, these cabinets provide 2 separate, lockable cabinet sections in a single enclosure unit.
Fiberglass Cabinets
5 Card Mini Fiberglass Cabinets

Ultra-compact all-dielectric units designed to used where enclosure size is a consideration. Available in our popular 5 Card Mini Interface Unit configuration, with card housings pre-installed.
Small Fiberglass Cabinets

Small fiberglass cabinets provide an indoor or outdoor rated all-dielectric housing Fiber Optic Link and Telco equipment located inside high voltage environments.
Fiberglass Cabinets

Constructed of fiberglass-reinforced material that is easily punched, drilled, filed, or sawed. Perfect for on-site modifications and custom fittings. Ideal for CO side Fiber Optic Link equipment when located inside a high voltage zone.
Large Capacity Fiberglass Cabinets

Large capacity fiberglass-reinforced cabinets with a premium glossy finish. Easily modified on-site, these jumbo cabinets have all the great RLH features such as door seals, padlock capability, and a host of options.
Semi-buried Pedestal (Type -02)

All-dielectric forest green plastic construction with metal frame and plywood backboard. Doesn't stand out when installed in landscaped areas or around foliage. Can hold a dual card housing, a 5-card or 8-card shelf.
Semi-buried Pedestal (Type -03)

Larger version of Type-02 pedestal above. Same all-dielectric forest green plastic construction with metal frame and plywood backboard. Can hold up a 12-card shelf for greater fiber optic link density.
Semi-buried Pedestal (Type -07)

Larger, all-dielectric light green plastic construction with metal frame and plywood backboard. Jumbo size backboard can hold multiple 12-card housings for greater fiber optic link density, or several combinations of equipment may be mounted inside with room to spare.
Hi-Density Pedestal

All steel construction with plywood backboard, the Hi-Density pedestal features wide opening doors with room for high circuit count applications. Mounting base and polymer mounting pad are also available.

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RLH can design and manufacture cabinets/enclosures to your specifications for your exact application needs. Whether for indoor or outdoor, with integrated cooling or heating, RLH can assist with the proper design and components for your application. With a variety of materials to choose from RLH can find the right components to fit your needs.

Available materials include aluminum, steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel. Choose from a myriad of available colors and finishes to complete your project. Create a custom look for your cabinets utilizing your company’s colors and logo. It's very likely that RLH manufactures a standard enclosure you are currently using that may be ordered in your choice of available finishes.


We can manufacture custom stainless steel stainless steel cabinets for the ultimate in durability and protection.

Contact us for information.

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